Sijori Resort and Spa Batam the 1st Wellness Resort in Batam Island.

Sijori Resort and Spa, the name of this resort may not be foreign to some people Batam. After having stopped because the renovation finally on September this resort re-open. Shown with a new face Sijori resort offers the concept of Wellness Resort and members Healing Hotels of the World.

Sijori Resort and Spa Batam the newly renovated Sijori Resort & Spa has the facilities of 42 rooms from 96 rooms (Superior, Deluxe, Bungalow), Courtyard Restaurant, Lobby, Lounge, Spa, Swimming Pool, Meeting Rooms and shuttle service to the mall & sekupang ferry terminal.

1. Jamu Session

This you will meet when check in at Sijori Resort and Spa. This resort offers guests to see firsthand how to make and feel the herbal drink. Why with Jamu, because at this resort does not provide alcohol for the consumption. Located in a forest area in Sekupang with an area of 10 Hectare Resort has Hydroponics plant. So, the ingredients of his own herbal medicine come from his own resort garden so guaranteed freshness.

2. Resort Activities

Activities at this resort such as swimming, playing archery, playing mini golf and fishing. Mini Golf activity with a total of 18 holes of guests staying you can play for free. As for archery and fishing you are charged 100.000 / 10 Arrows and Fishing 100,000 / hour. Fishing guests can instantly enjoy the catch to be enjoyed by paying additional fees.
Archery Activity at SIjori Resort and Spa Batam
Archery Activity at SIjori Resort and Spa Batam

Mini Golf at SIjori Resort and Spa Batam
Mini Golf at SIjori Resort and Spa Batam

Fishing at SIjori Resort and Spa Batam
Fishing at Sijori Spa and Resort Batam

3. Rooms

Rooms at this resort are Superior, Deluxe and Bungalow. The rooms have different rooms and the interior rooms still look new. Rooms and Toilets are clean, so you will be very comfortable staying here. Special room type Bungalow there is a mini balcony and there is also an area for BBQ. Television 64 international channels.

Deluxe Room Sijori Resort and Spa

4. Spa

The resort offers three types of spas including body massages, body scrubs and masks. All ingredients used for the treatment come from natural ingredients and aromatherapy. Every Oil already has essential oils and aromatherapy. And every month the aroma will be different.

Spa Room in Sijori Resort and Spa

Natural ingredients also exist in the scrub. Because not only in the form of granules but the original form of the materials used. There are several scrub bids you can try. It's like using a coffee bean, which is its own ground coffee bean. Then for the green tea leaves are also smoothed. And for those who like the smell of herbs, you can try the herbs that come from plants.

Sijori Resort & Spa, more information:

•    Jl. Ir. Sutami No. 6 Sekupang, Batam.
•    Phone number 0778-323388
•    Email: info@sijoriresort.com.sg
•    Web: www.sijoriresort.com.sg
•    628117785227 Anthony / antony@sijoriresort.com.sg
•    628117785228 Viki / viki@sijoriresort.com.sg
•    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sijori168/
•    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sijoriresortspa/
•    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sijoriresortspa


  1. I like Jamu season, cause i like the herbal drink.. and when i'm drink some glass herbal drink , i feel my body more healthy

  2. Perfect resort for my family to stay. Wellness resort berarti no alcohol dong ya. Kereeeeen. Nice info bro

  3. Waaah, ada jamu. Biar tambah tenaga biar kuat bermain segala aktivitas disanaa

    1. bener aktifitas di resort pun jadi seger badan

  4. Resortnya kece dan sehat ya. Pulang liburan bener-bener fresh mind & body.

  5. Perfect ya lokasinya apalagi ada buat belajar panahan. Moga next saya dan keluarga bisa jalan2 ke sana

  6. Beautiful scenery blends with serenity. Double wow for me.

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