Paradise in Pangkil Island Privat Resort Bintan

Pangkil Island Bintan
Pangkil Island Privat Resort Bintan

Indonesia as a large island nation has a beautiful group of islands. One of the island groups in Bintan Regency, Bintan Island has a group of exotic islands that you can visit. One of them is Pulau Pangkil Kecil or is familiar with the name Pangkil Island.

If you want to spend time with your partner or family without anyone else. You can rent Pangkil Island. Pangkil Island is a tropical island that has unspoiled natural beauty. Making a personal vacation with your family will be more enjoyable without anyone else. Why is that, because Pulau Pangkil uses an island booking system that no one will order the same day other than you who have installed it first.

Pangkil Island Bintan
Boat to Pangkil Island Bintan

How is access to Pangkil Island?

You who travel from Indonesia can make a flight to Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport if you can through the port of Sri Bintan Temple of Tanjung Pinang. If you are from Singapore, you can use a boat to the port of Bandar Bintan Telani. Then continue the land trip for 1 hour to the private dock (Pama Jetty).

From the private island pier (Pama Jetty), start the sea journey using private bots around 15-30 minutes to Pangkil Island.

Facilities and Activities on Pangkil Island

Pulau Pangkil applies Sport, Games and Fun campaigns. Island guests will be spoiled for sweat and certainly fun activities. In addition, you can enjoy views from various sides and can enjoy outside and indoors.

Main Terrace Pangkil Island Bintan
Pool in Pangkil Island
Room in Pangkil Island Bintan
Area Pangki Island

Activities through the room include:

Sailing - we have four lasers (dinghies)
Kayak - we have 6 new sea kayaks and some older kayaks for beginners
Snorkelling (about 10 sets of equipment)
Jogging (perfect forest track for this)
Stand Up Paddle.
Swimming pool.

Activities in the room include:

Table tennis
Board games
Pool table
Lounging (with music).

How do you imagine enjoying a private island that we rent on our own island. It would be exciting to spend this exotic island holiday with family. How about price? You can directly visit the official website.

Pulau Pangkil Private Island Resort.



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