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Stay Bright, Harris Waterfront Batam Tawarkan Pengalaman Menginap Suasana Baru

Salah satu resort tertua di Batam yang terletak di Waterfront Marina, Harris Resort Waterfront. Resort yang dibawah management Tauzia Hotels merupakan Resort Harris Pertama yang beroperasi di Indonesia.

Sebagai resort generasi pertama yang beroperasi sejak 2002, Harris Waterfront Batam juga merupakan yang pertama menerapkan konsep Harris New Generation bertema Stay Bright. Menawarkan desaign interior yang lebih modern dan tentunya tidak ketinggalan sentuhan warna orange yang merupakan warna warna positif kebanggan Harris dengan memperkenalkan ke tamu akan pentingnya semangat pola hidup sehat. Desaign lebih moderen tersebut bisa dilihat lobby, ruang meeting, fasilitas dan kamar.

Deluxe Room Harris Resort Waterfront Batam
Tidak itu saja di re-launching New Generationnya, Harris Resort Waterfront Batam menawarkan beragam fasilitas baru yaitu Marine Sport dengan 25 wahana permainan “Gi Park” dari Jepan.  Salah satu permainanya dan merupakan satu-satunya yang akan hadir di Harris Resort Waterfront dan Pertama di Batam, yaitu Jumping Ball.

HARRIS MAN merupakan hal baru saat re-launching kemarin diperkenalkan, dimana seorang Harris Man ini akan memiliki tanggung jawab kepada tamu, untuk mengurus segala kegiatan yang dilakukan baik untuk kegiatan indoor maupun outdoor.

Sedikit Informasi 

TAUZIA Hotels adalah sebuah portfolio dari 122 hotel yang beroperasi, dan dalam sebuah label dari koleksi hotel diantaranya, HARRIS, HARRIS Vertu, FOX Harris, YELLO dan POP .

HARRIS Resort Waterfront Batam sekarang memiliki 82 kamar. Tipe kamar yaitu Harris Suite Room, Harris Family Room Pool Access, Harris Family Room, Harris Room Beach Access dan Harris Room

Paradise in Pangkil Island Privat Resort Bintan

Pangkil Island Bintan
Pangkil Island Privat Resort Bintan

Indonesia as a large island nation has a beautiful group of islands. One of the island groups in Bintan Regency, Bintan Island has a group of exotic islands that you can visit. One of them is Pulau Pangkil Kecil or is familiar with the name Pangkil Island.

If you want to spend time with your partner or family without anyone else. You can rent Pangkil Island. Pangkil Island is a tropical island that has unspoiled natural beauty. Making a personal vacation with your family will be more enjoyable without anyone else. Why is that, because Pulau Pangkil uses an island booking system that no one will order the same day other than you who have installed it first.

Pangkil Island Bintan
Boat to Pangkil Island Bintan

How is access to Pangkil Island?

You who travel from Indonesia can make a flight to Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport if you can through the port of Sri Bintan Temple of Tanjung Pinang. If you are from Singapore, you can use a boat to the port of Bandar Bintan Telani. Then continue the land trip for 1 hour to the private dock (Pama Jetty).

From the private island pier (Pama Jetty), start the sea journey using private bots around 15-30 minutes to Pangkil Island.

Facilities and Activities on Pangkil Island

Pulau Pangkil applies Sport, Games and Fun campaigns. Island guests will be spoiled for sweat and certainly fun activities. In addition, you can enjoy views from various sides and can enjoy outside and indoors.

Main Terrace Pangkil Island Bintan
Pool in Pangkil Island
Room in Pangkil Island Bintan
Area Pangki Island

Activities through the room include:

Sailing - we have four lasers (dinghies)
Kayak - we have 6 new sea kayaks and some older kayaks for beginners
Snorkelling (about 10 sets of equipment)
Jogging (perfect forest track for this)
Stand Up Paddle.
Swimming pool.

Activities in the room include:

Table tennis
Board games
Pool table
Lounging (with music).

How do you imagine enjoying a private island that we rent on our own island. It would be exciting to spend this exotic island holiday with family. How about price? You can directly visit the official website.

Pulau Pangkil Private Island Resort.


CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel at Kampong Glam Singapore

Kampong Glam Singapore

Kampong Glam is a favorite choice for travellers visiting because for its vibrancy, charm and rich heritage culture. In addition to the Sultan Mosque and the Malay Heritage Centre, there are a number of shops, cafes, restaurants and other bustling sites such as the hip Haji Lane. The  Bugis MRT Station is only a 5-minute walk away.” explained Sonia Anya Tay, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder.

Catering to a new generation of savvy travellers, CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel at Kampong Glam captures a slice of the rich heritage of Singapore in a handsomely restored shophouse.

Under its signature CUBE brand, CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel at Kampong Glam, is part of the expanding portfolio of hospitality real estate in Asia helmed by RB Hospitality.  Its location in the Kampong Glam Heritage Trail underscores the group’s premise for affordable, restored heritage accommodation located in popular conservation and cultural enclaves targeted at a new group of  digitally-inclined, discerning travellers

CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel at Kampong Glam Singapore

CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel at Kampong Glam offers another 56 beds - a mix of singles and queens- each in its own cozy capsule.  Measuring 6 ft x 3 ft x 4ft for a single and 6 ft x 5 ft x 4 ft for a queen with plush mattresses and linen, each capsule is well designed to moderate its own temperature and air-flow; and solidly insulated to reduce ambient noise for a comfortable rest. Each unit is equipped with a universal electrical outlet, safe, mirror/vanity area, bedside light, a small space for hanging garments and a locker drawer with digital security for personal storage. Named after the neighbouring streets, room configurations vary between two and 18 capsules. For an extra level of security and privacy, female travellers can choose to stay in the women-only rooms. The rooms are pleasantly shaded in soothing pine tones and sturdily sound proofed against the lively sounds of the vicinity. The bathrooms are spacious with standing showers, hairdryer and bath toiletries. Guests are provided with a dental kit, slippers and one towel, upon check-in and this is exchangeable daily. A washing machine with complimentary detergent is also available for guests while work desks are also provided for guests’ use.
CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotel at Kampong Glam Singapore

CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotels are aimed squarely at savvy, sociable travellers, yearning for out of the ordinary accommodation in distinctive locales with  immersive cultural experiences.  CUBE has also attracted business travelers who appreciate the conveniences of capsule accommodation without burning a hole in their pockets. By keeping the most essential hotel features such as daily housekeeping, 24-hour concierge, airport pickups, free Wi-Fi and breakfast, along with tech touches, the CUBE Hotel experience has endeared itself to such visitors without compromising on comfort. Guests can still indulge in a hotel stay, while relishing the cost savings that come with a capsule experience. Each capsule stay can range between S$50 and S$120 per night.

CUBE Boutique Capsule Hotels Singapore
54, 55, 56 Bussorah Street, Kampong Glam, Bugis, Singapore, Singapore, 199471
Phone : +65 6291 1696
Mail : reservationkg@cubestay.sg

Sijori Resort and Spa Batam the 1st Wellness Resort in Batam Island.

Sijori Resort and Spa, the name of this resort may not be foreign to some people Batam. After having stopped because the renovation finally on September this resort re-open. Shown with a new face Sijori resort offers the concept of Wellness Resort and members Healing Hotels of the World.

Sijori Resort and Spa Batam the newly renovated Sijori Resort & Spa has the facilities of 42 rooms from 96 rooms (Superior, Deluxe, Bungalow), Courtyard Restaurant, Lobby, Lounge, Spa, Swimming Pool, Meeting Rooms and shuttle service to the mall & sekupang ferry terminal.

1. Jamu Session

This you will meet when check in at Sijori Resort and Spa. This resort offers guests to see firsthand how to make and feel the herbal drink. Why with Jamu, because at this resort does not provide alcohol for the consumption. Located in a forest area in Sekupang with an area of 10 Hectare Resort has Hydroponics plant. So, the ingredients of his own herbal medicine come from his own resort garden so guaranteed freshness.

2. Resort Activities

Activities at this resort such as swimming, playing archery, playing mini golf and fishing. Mini Golf activity with a total of 18 holes of guests staying you can play for free. As for archery and fishing you are charged 100.000 / 10 Arrows and Fishing 100,000 / hour. Fishing guests can instantly enjoy the catch to be enjoyed by paying additional fees.
Archery Activity at SIjori Resort and Spa Batam
Archery Activity at SIjori Resort and Spa Batam

Mini Golf at SIjori Resort and Spa Batam
Mini Golf at SIjori Resort and Spa Batam

Fishing at SIjori Resort and Spa Batam
Fishing at Sijori Spa and Resort Batam

3. Rooms

Rooms at this resort are Superior, Deluxe and Bungalow. The rooms have different rooms and the interior rooms still look new. Rooms and Toilets are clean, so you will be very comfortable staying here. Special room type Bungalow there is a mini balcony and there is also an area for BBQ. Television 64 international channels.

Deluxe Room Sijori Resort and Spa

4. Spa

The resort offers three types of spas including body massages, body scrubs and masks. All ingredients used for the treatment come from natural ingredients and aromatherapy. Every Oil already has essential oils and aromatherapy. And every month the aroma will be different.

Spa Room in Sijori Resort and Spa

Natural ingredients also exist in the scrub. Because not only in the form of granules but the original form of the materials used. There are several scrub bids you can try. It's like using a coffee bean, which is its own ground coffee bean. Then for the green tea leaves are also smoothed. And for those who like the smell of herbs, you can try the herbs that come from plants.

Sijori Resort & Spa, more information:

•    Jl. Ir. Sutami No. 6 Sekupang, Batam.
•    Phone number 0778-323388
•    Email: info@sijoriresort.com.sg
•    Web: www.sijoriresort.com.sg
•    628117785227 Anthony / antony@sijoriresort.com.sg
•    628117785228 Viki / viki@sijoriresort.com.sg
•    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sijori168/
•    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sijoriresortspa/
•    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sijoriresortspa

Traveling Asik ke Batam dengan Budget Pilihan Kamar Terbaik

Jembatan Barelang Batam
Batam di kenal dengan wisata belanja nya bagaimana tidak tempat berbelanja di batam cukup banyak di temui seperti : Mega Mall, Nagoya Hill Mall, Nagoya City Walk, Batam City Square , Kepri Mall. Banyaknya tempat shoping di batam dan murah nya ketika belanja di batam maka tidak sedikit yang datang ke batam untuk berbelanja.

Selain tempat berbelanja batam juga punya destinasi wisata lain yang wajib anda kunjungi ketika ke batam. Seperti Wisata ke Pulau Abang, Pulau Putri Nongsa Batam, Pulau Mubut Darat yang memliki pantai yang bersih dan wisata bawah laut yang masih lestari kehindahan nya.

Wisata Pulau Mubut Darat

Pulau Mubut Batam terletak di kawasan Barelang (Batam, Rempang, Galang).
Melewati Jembatan 4, dan siap siap jika ada plang yang menunjukkan ke arah Sembulan, lalu kita belok ke kiri, dan mengikuti jalan sampai dengan Pelabuhan.
Pulau Mubut - Photo Visitkepri.com

Pasir putihnya yang begitu indah dan hangat membuat betah untuk berlama-lama . Ombaknya yang dua sisi, sisi ombak besar di barat dan sisi ombak kecil di timur membuat daya tarik tersendiri.

Wisata Pulau Putri
Pulau Putri Nongsa namanya yang terletak di Nongsa Batam Kepulauan Riau. Jika anda kebatam, tak ada salahnya selain jalan-jalan di icon kota batam anda juga bisa melancong di surga bernama Pulau Putri ini.
Pulau Putri - Photo visitkepri.com

Pulau ini menyajikan pemanadangan yang indah, lengkap dengan aksesorisnya, pantai dengan pasir putih, bebantuan diantara air yang jernih dan tata pulau yang indah. katanya bak Putri yang sunguh elok nan rupawan.

Dan masih terdapat beberapa tempat wisata lain nya yang bisa anda kunjungi seperti mengunjungi tempat kuliner seafood, tempat spa, dan wisata sejarah camp vietnam dan tempat lain nya.

Setelah anda menentukan kemana tempat yang akan anda kunjungi selama di batam anda tentu harus mempersiapkan budget untuk tempat anda menginap bukan.
 Anda tentu mencari hotel terbaik dengan harga murah dengan tujuan untuk travelling hemat. Untuk urusan kamar murah dengan akomodasi terbaik anda bisa memilih Zen Rooms .

Apasih Zen Rooms itu.?
Zen Rooms merupakan Virtual Hotel Operator (VHO) yang bermitra atau berafliasi dengan hotel – hotel budget yang sulit untuk marketing kamar – kamar mereka dan bekerjasama dan membuat Zen Rooms di hotel mereka dan kamar – kamar dibenahi agar sesuai dengan standar hotel berbintang.
Bagi anda traveller mungkin menginkan kamar bersih, tempat tidur yang nyaman, kamar mandi dalam, AC, dan WiFi kencang. Zen Rooms telah menyediakan kualitas kamar tersebut bagi traveller seperti anda .

Lokasi Zen Rooms memiliki jaringan hotel di berbagai tempat sehingga anda dapat memili lokasi hotel yang ingin anda pilih . Zen Rooms setiap bulan mengeluarkan promo – promo menarik yang wajib anda ikutin biar tidak keinggalan promonya

Zen Rooms Premium Near Purimas Batam Center - www.visitkepri.com

Bagaimana Cara Memesan Kamar di Zen Rooms
Zen Rooms dapat dipesesan melalui website nya www.zenrooms.com atau download aplikasinya di android atau apple store anda . sehingga memudahkan Anda mendapatkan kamar yang paling sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda dari segi lokasi maupun harga.

Baca pengalaman menginap di Zen Rooms Near Purimas Batam Center – http://www.akseswisata.com/2016/07/zen-premium-near-purimas-batam-centre.html

Jadi sudah mengetahui tempat wisata yang akan di kunjungi, Hotel untuk menginap sudah dipilih saat nya berangkat travelling ke Kota Batam

ZEN Premium Near Purimas Batam Centre Low Price Premium Quality Room

ZEN Premium Near Purimas Batam Centre
ZEN Premium Near Purimas Batam Centre

ZEN Premium Near Purimas Batam Centre – Hotel Kaliban merupakan salah satu hotel berbudget terjangkau yang ada di Batam. ZEN Premium Near Purimas Batam Centre ini Berlokasi cukup strategis yang berada di dekat pusat pemerintahan , pelabuhan internasional , mall , dan tempat-tempat wisata.

Beralamat :
Komplek Puri Mas Residence blok C 25-28, Batam 29432, Indonesia
Fasilitas yang diberikan oleh hotel ini pun cukup banyak
ZEN Premium Near Purimas Batam Centre Fasility
Dari fasilitas di atas yang mau saya komentarin fasilitas wifi dan tv cable,

Wifi : Untuk wifi sekelas hotel, wifi yang disediakan oleh zen room ini masih terbilang tidak memadai atau sangat tidak terlalu baik,

Tv Cable : waktu pertama menghidupkan tv ada beberapa hal yang menganggu , volumenya terlalu kuat tapi suara tidak jernih, kualitas gambar juga tidak jernih, dan channel – channel nya ada yang tidak menangkap sinyal dari penyedia nya

Harga yang ditawarkan hotel ini : Rp 375.000/malam. Harga ini sudah include breakfast untuk 2 orang
ZEN Premium Near Purimas Batam Centre

Sekilas Tentang Zen Rooms

Zen Rooms merupakan Virtual Hotel Operator (VHO) yang bermitra atau berafliasi dengan hotel – hotel budget yang sulit untuk marketing kamar – kamar mereka dan bekerjasama dan membuat Zen Rooms di hotel mereka dan kamar – kamar dibenahi agar sesuai dengan standar hotel berbintang.

Dalam hal ini Hotel Kaliban merupakan salah satu hotel di batam yang bermitra dengan zen rooms. Dan masih banyak hotel lain nya yang bermitra dengan zen rooms yang dapat anda cek langsung ke